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George May

When considering any business opportunity it’s important to know who you are dealing with. 
We have always believed that 'one of the best indicators of future success - is past performance' 

Hello George Noble May here - I’m the original ZippyKerb Inventor in Sydney in 1981. I’ve put this page up because I have been hearing from people that a competitor is saying that Zippykerb are amateurs - inexperienced - useless - and a whole lot worse. I have no problem with hard nose competition but I get upset with personal attacks, especially when they are total rubbish. 

ZippyKerb is owned and managed by very experienced and successful people, since coming to Australia from Scotland. George May has built major businesses from scratch here, in the USA and Asia. Never had any sort of business failure. 

George May is a published business author & consultant to over 260 of the World’s largest companies. What follows is a brief overview of some of our business expertise, 
it will give you an insight into our experience, attitudes and ethics. 

All the best to you and yours. 
George May Sydney October 2014 

ZippyKerb was founded back in 1981 by George May who had built up Allied Building Industries and ABC Seamless Gutters after a very successful career with Xerox and Nashua Australia leaving as senior management. The continuous concrete edging industry began when George May was visiting his branch office in Griffith. He met an Italian concreter who had shaped concrete edging my hand in his front yard - by bending plywood strips into curves and forming straight lines with lengths of timber. 

Very time consuming - but the end result looked good. 

Recognising how effective and attractive it was George May wondered if it was possible to create a machine to extrude the Kerbing. 

His building businesses were both involved in extruding aluminum and steel products so the concept of continuous extrusion of concrete was a normal progression.

In 1981 George Noble May began designing the Zippykerb – once perfected – he applied for a patent in 1983 since then there have been many 100’s of his machines sold worldwide.

Early in the 80’s George went to the USA on holiday- Showing some photos of the Kerbing to his U.S Business Associates resulted in him spending the next years marketing almost exclusively in the USA – selling many machines all over America and Canada. 


The First Plunger Assembly & Body – Sydney 1981


The First Plunger Assembly & Body – Sydney 1981 


Skinny George May - 1982


First USA Job - 1983